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Wincore Middle East Agra Me Exhibiton Complete successfully

After 3 days,Wincore complete the east trip in Dubai.In the 3 days,Wincore make a friendship with other agricultural specialist all over the world. They communicate with each other about the lastest farm information.


Wincore established until now, it almost 10 years. During 10 years Wincore accumulate step by step stability. With deep knowledge and talent staffs storage,Wincore strengthen its competitiveness day by day. We are present in Chinese & international agricultural exhibition,and Wincore win a broad reputation.This time participating in the Dubai Agra ME Livestock exhibition again, it is also a good example of the fact that the economy and trade in the Middle East region are well developed, but the aguaculture industry is still undercapacity. There is a serious imbalance between supply and demand for meat in the Middle East countries, and most of the meat is imported. At the same time, the governments of these countries are also vigorously supporting the breeding industry, introducing advanced technologies and equipment from other countries, increasing productivity, and expecting to ease the imbalance in domestic meat supply and demand. Therefore, there is a huge gap in the breeding industry in the Middle East, which is a market that is worthy of our everlasting attention to agriculture and animal husbandry.


Although this exhibition has finished, Wincore Agriculture and Animal Husbandry will also actively join hands with the world's livestock husbandry industry to contribute to the progress and development of the animal husbandry industry.

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