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2017 Agra Me in Dubai

2017 Agra Me in Dubai will be held in Dubai from April 10th to 12th 2017.The exhibition is the largest international agricultural exhibition in the Middle East in the year of 2017.The exhibition has been held more than 10 terms.

As a professional exhibition in the field of agriculture in the Middle East, the exhibition include four themes,such as,agricultural machinery, animal husbandry products, agricultural pesticides and flower gardening.yonggao farming ,the international animal husbandry equipment enterprises, will display the latest pig equipment ,poultry equipment and other special livestock feeding solutions in the Middle East Exhibition held once a year.

2017 Agra Me in Dubai,as an important measure to understand and evaluate the technical progress of agriculture development in the middle east, build a good platform for the development of agricultural enterprises in the Middle East market.

The latest and most high-quality animal husbandry machinery will be displayed in part of the exhibition such as,pig equipment,poultry equipment ,cattle equipment and so on.

Guangzhou YONGGAO Farming Machinery Co. Ltd will exchange new ideas,new technologies,new products,and share innovative achievements with the world’s livestock sectors in the Middle East (Dubai) International Exhibition.Our booth number is 1.F20, welcome you! 


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