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About us

yonggao farming Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, 27 years of product development, engineering design, manufacturing, sales, installation and service in one of the companies; agricultural machinery industry is the leading enterprises and high-tech enterprises!


Guangzhou Yonggao Farming Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou Yonggao Farming Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.) Guangzhou Branch, located in Guangzhou, Tianhe District, Ke Mang Long Road, one of 25 is also South China total sales company. And actively promote Yonggao farming equipment, breeding equipment, the occupation of South China market.


At the same time, the company also established other sales outlets such as Hefei, Wuhan, Taiyuan, Harbin and other regions to establish the Office of Wing high.


Wing high operating range

Yong Gao agricultural and animal husbandry has a strong technical force and service team, set product development, design, production, manufacture, installation, sales and service as one of the diversified companies committed to the aquaculture industry, mainly engaged in automated pig equipment, Equipment, chicken equipment, duck equipment, import veterinary equipment, pig artificial insemination supplies, etc .; at the same time operating large-scale farms automated equipment construction and installation.

In 2010, the company set up in Guangzhou Stone Trading Co., Ltd.. Mainly responsible for the company's import and export business agent at the same time a number of countries animal products. The main agent products are tattoo pliers, scissors forceps, ear-loss clamp, surgical scissors, imports of continuous injector, electric pig, semen dilution powder, pig imports with the ear tag and other related imported veterinary equipment.

Wing high main products

The main products include: pig equipment, pig farm automation engineering, pig equipment, artificial insemination supplies; chicken equipment, chicken farm automation feed water system, related accessories; farm environmental control system, farm ventilation cooling system, Heating and insulation system.

Pig equipment and equipment include: automatic pig equipment, pigs with automatic feeding system environmental control system, ventilation cooling system, insulation heating systems engineering design and installation of construction.

At the same time the sale of pigs with automated feeding equipment, sow production beds, pig nursery beds, sow limit bar, sow positioning bar, drain manure and other pig products and artificial insemination supplies and other pig equipment.

Chicken equipment: chicken with automatic feeding equipment, automatic chicken feed line, chicken drinking water equipment, chicken automatic waterline, chicken nipple drinking water and other chicken equipment.

Wing high corporate culture

Wing high vision: to build one-stop international livestock products procurement base.

Wing high mission: to provide high-end livestock products to help customers get long-term interests. Team value maximization, enterprise value maximization, social value maximization.

Wing high spirit: truth-seeking, innovation, competition, sharing

Wing Tak's moral: to Germany-based, respect the rules properly


Wing high development course

2008: The company set up and become the first to stay, "Guangzhou Yang Ming international agricultural commodity trading city" of farming equipment business;

2009: The company registered "Alibaba" international station, began operation of foreign markets.

2010: "Guangzhou Stone Trading Co., Ltd." officially established, mainly engaged in import and export of aquaculture equipment and equipment business.

2011: the company from 80 square feet of business area expanded to 160 square feet, storage area expanded from 110 square to 330 square feet.

2012: The company formally established sales, foreign trade department, business department, warehousing department, the Ministry of Finance.

2013: The company moved from Yang Ming international market to "Guangdong province pig testing center" four-story single-storey office building, business area of 600 square meters; warehousing moved to "Guangdong Poultry Research Institute" extended to 2200 square modern facilities storage.

2014: The company won: 2013 "Chinese agriculture and animal husbandry industry best-selling product of the Year Award"; the same year, officially launched the Department of electricity business.

The company has an independent import and export operation rights, the current products have been sold to: Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Spain, Russia, Nigeria, the Middle East and other countries in South Africa.

Wing high honor
In 2012 won the "high-tech enterprise"
In 2012 won the "key leading enterprises"
In 2012 won the "people assured best-selling brand"
2012 won the "AAA-level contract and trustworthy enterprise"
In 2012 won the "315 quality credit service customer satisfaction integrity commitment unit"
In 2013 won the "China's livestock industry best-selling product award"



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