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Start again! Wincore meet you at AGRA ME 2018 in Dubai

Start again! As an exhibitor,Wincore has participated in the Middle East animal husbandry exhibition for the second time.

The AGRA ME exhibition,full title is Dubai international agriculture, animal husbandry and veterinary exhibition.

It`s the largest comprehensive agriculture, animal husbandry and veterinary drug exhibition in the Middle East.

Since 1996, the Middle East livestock exhibition has been held for 17 years. The exhibition address is held in the Middle East economic and trade center-- dubai. and dubai is also the world's most famous entrepot trade center. The exhibition covers agricultural planting, agricultural machinery, greenhouse engineering, fertilizer, feed, poultry farming, aquaculture, animal medical medicine ect.

Exhibition name:Dubai international agriculture, animal husbandry and veterinary exhibition

The organizers:Informa Exhibitions

Exhibition location:Dubai International Convention Centre,Dubai,United Arab emirates


TimeMar.6,2018 - Mar.8,2018

Wincore as an international livestock & poultry farming group, to participate in the international livestock show in the Middle East, display equipment products are the latest automated pig equipment, automatic poultry equipment, farming equipment and the latest farm planning and concept.


We are in Duibai,looking forward to sharing the latest ideas, latest technologies and latest products of the animal husbandry industry. Looking forward to your visit!


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